The Moons

The Feymoon – home to the Elves, Eladrin, fey and all forest dwellers who revere nature, life and the magic of creation. Dangerous and beautiful, it’s surface is a patchwork of great forests, deep oceans, and dark mystery. The gods of the Elven Court hold the most sway here, but many elusive and sometimes dangerous powers find a welcome home under the darker branches.

The Stonemoon – tall peaks and deep valleys reach across the surface of this dark moon, but it’s sparse exterior hides the greatest underrealm ever known. Passageways, halls, cities, and even whole nations of Minotaurs, Drow, Deep Gnomes, Myconids, and (most prevelantly) Dwarves live here in peace, ruled over by the great Stone King of the Dwarves. The moon itself is said to be built as a Fortress beyond comparisson, the common legend being that it would empty both the Abyss and the Nine Hells themselves to breach just it’s first line of defenses.

The Greenmoon – the smallest moon, it was a land of peace, tranquility, and simplicity, and the home of the Halflings, Gnomes, and many others who wished a simpler life in an idyllic paradise. This has since changed drastically – now known as the Ratmoon, it is the home of the Halfling Empire, and it’s peaceful exterior hides a dangerous and deadly nation driven inwards to dark depravity, where nearly the whole of the Gnomish race (and others) lie subjegated to the wildly xenophobic Halflings and their lycanthrope Queen.

The Hordemoon – a paradise by another name, the Hordemoon (often called the Red Moon for it’s bright color in the night sky of Fel’Durr) is a land of constant Change in it’s purest form. Orcs, Gnolls, Goblinoids, and many other races call this moon home, and it is a land of chaos, freedom, war, and most of all Power, where a Goblin slave may rise up to conquer an entire hemisphere in a year – and lose it in a day. The proving ground of all races eager for battle and constant competition, the Hordemoon is perhaps the only moon where all beings stand on an equal footing.

The Demonmoon – once a beautiful and prosperous land occupied principally by the diverse peoples and dieties of Humanity, it has long been lost to the ravages of Demons, Devils, and all manner of fiends called forth from the lower planes to wage an endless war for supremacy. Humans on Fel’Durr are hunted to this day, for within the race survives the last essence of their slain gods—the last pieces that the Demonlords and Fiend Kings require to truly corrupt the moon, and bring down the divine gates that keep their hordes sealed away from the rest of Fel’Durr.

The Dragonmoon – a diverse paradise, the Dragonmoon is by far the largest moon in the sky, dwarfed only by Fel’Durr itself, for on it’s surface live all the great races of Dragons, in addition to their kin – Kobolds, Dragonborn, Yuan-ti, and all manner of Lizardfolk live beneath and beside the grandest and most terrifying powerful beings of Fel’Durr. Little is known of this moon, as Dragons, by nature, are secretive and solitary beings, whose power should never be underestimated….

The Hidden Moons – stories abound (and have for ages beyond reckoning) of more moons beyond the first six, hidden beyond the folds of light and magic that surround Fel’Durr. What these moons may contain – failed civilizations and races, whose downfall was not so lasting in effect as Humanity’s, or even undiscovered country of peace, beauty… or death – no one can say. For now, they are hidden by the God-twin of Fel’Durr itself, if any exist at all…

The Moons

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