Religion on Fel’Durr is as varied and numerous as the stars in the sky. With the creation of Fel’Durr in ages past, the original forgotten Gods and Goddesses who pooled their last remaining strength to birth the world and it’s moons faded to but a glimmer, enveloped together into a new, supreme deity whose power and sway are kith and kin to the World itself – the God-Twin, created at the moment of Fel’Durr’s spawning, and as varied and bountiful as the world itself.

The God-Twin is a being of the world itself – good and evil, darkness and light, below and above; all things that exist on Fel’Durr are it’s domain, even the other deities whose avatars call the world Home. All may worship it, none gain it’s favor, and the only true embodiment it calls it’s own is pure and utter freedom to choose as you please.

Because of this freedom, many other gods, goddesses, and even entire pantheons have taken up home in the world, not just tied to their home planes, primes or astral palaces, but literally free from restraints – in the simplest sense, each god is but a link, or copy, of itself, able to walk the world as an Avatar, or shine among the stars in it’s aspect form. The power of each individual god is dependent on worship from Mortals, as in other planes, and when a God has lost most or all of it’s worshipers, it becomes one of the Forgotten and is given the freedom to take the form of an Avatar – a literal physical manifestation, to walk the world at will until it can regain it’s position, or perish and pass on as all eventually do. Some with great power often choose to do this as well, but unlike the Forgotten, they are simply a living connection to the Godly essence, not the actual deity itself, and cannot be permanently killed so long as worshipers remain.

Often, gods and goddesses of like mind or origin pool together into a Pantheon in order to better serve their chosen peoples or worshipers. The most prevalent pantheons are…

The Asgard (Norse Pantheon); led by Odin, favored in colder climates and throughout the Peaksea

The Osiriad (Egyptian Pantheon); led by Osiris the Ever Living (nominally), favored in Desert environments and along the equator.

The Olympiad (Greek/Roman Pantheon); led by Zeus, favored on many older, more established Plates (land masses).

The Ziggurat Lords (Mesopotamian Pantheon); led by… well, it varies. Favored sporadically.

And many others of more obscure natures.

In addition, each Moon has a founding (and ruling) circle of Gods and Goddesses, each corresponding to the prevalent races inhabiting the world – principally the Dragon, Dwarf, Fey, Halfling/Gnome, Orc/Goblinoid, and formerly the Human Pantheon (consisting of mainly the 3rd and 4th edition Faerun/Greyhawk pantheons minus the race-specific gods like Moradin, Bahamut, Gruumsh, etc.).

All of the Human Gods and Goddesses have either been captured and killed/imprisoned by the hellish and abyssal Powers when the moon was taken, or are in hiding among the surviving Humans, passing from host to host in an effort to remain hidden and protected until their home can be re-taken and their chosen people returned to their rightful moon. Should the last of these Refugee Gods be captured or destroyed, the Lords of the Abyss will finally be allowed passage to Fel’Durr unhindered, bringing with them wave upon wave of chaos, death, and destruction…. A fate even the myriad Pantheons of Fel’Durr and it’s Moons fear more than anything.


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