Rather than oceans, the world of Fel’Durr is dominated by great stretches of mountain ranges, with islands and continents (referred to as “plates”) of stable, flat land among them.

This vast range is collectively referred to as the Peaksea, and is extremely difficult to cross without magic, maps and provisions, or an Airship of some sort. Due to excessive geological activity, many parts of the Peaksea are treacherous to inhabit, though some regions, as well as nearly all of the Plates, do not suffer much geological activity at all.

Unlike normal oceans, many areas of the Peaksea contain diverse nations of land dwellers and underdark residents, the unique nature of the unstable mountains allowing for isolation and relatively abundant security.

Given that water is by no means scarce on Fel’Durr, some portions of the Peaksea have been known to sink into the crust under the pressure of massive tons of accumulated water, creating large oceanic regions typically characterized by a high amount of very pointy islands.


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