Demons and Devils

The following is an extract found in the lesser library of the city-state of Carcellon, located along the eastern edge of the Flat Sea within the Sukaassa Plate. It’s origins are unconfirmed, but it is speculated that it was written by a long-damned Human wizard sometime before the fall of their civilization. Note that the document is damaged, and certain sections are missing, burned, or too densely coated with blood.

- Historian Assini Sasska, of the Yuan-Ti College of Relics, Carcellon.

”.... little success thus far. The Fel’Durrii, foolish idealists as they are, were admittedly efficient in blocking direct access to the lower planes. The forces of evil hold no threat to Fel’Durr is they can be outsmarted and controlled, and brutish as the average demon is, this doesn’t seem like terribly that large a problem.

33rd of Celebrations, 1154 SC – That thrice-cursed dog Panistophanes has found the cause of the instability in the circle and presented it to the Symposium today. I was so close! How he could have made progress before I did is…... suspect more than a little that one of my apprentices has been leaking information to him for pay. Note – investigate Fochanistes, he seems to be sporting rather elaborate robes for an apprentice’s salary lately….

.... found with the addition of a 3rd bridge along the 2nd ring, the summoning becomes, if not permanent, at least stable for a few minutes. How this is able to prevent the divine foundation wards of our universe from spitting them back out immediately, I’m not entirely sure yet. The smaller demonic forms I’ve summoned so far seem unable to move beyond the circle, even when I allow them to….. focus of some kind would allow them to exist as more than insubstantial energy.

12th of Worship, 1154 SC – Experiments on using focus points have yielded success, though the process does not seem conducive to the continued existence of the focus itself. This time it left no permanent damage, yet my cat Docronies continues to avoid my lab with enough success that I’ll perhaps need another subject. Note – see if Suetinicus is done with his chores, he would perhaps be foolish enough to stand in the circle during the summoning….

14th of Worship, 1154 SC – Suetinicus is dead, as are Fochanistes and Sardonius, and at least 13 city guardsmen. The Council has ordered an immediate investigation into the events of the 12th of Worship, but I’m confident that my findings will prevent the Symposium from allowing any real charges to materialize….. problem was certainly that the summoned entity was too powerful…. swiftly mutated poor Suetinicus into a hulking dog-like, 4 armed monstrosity that rampaged through my lab and the street before inexplicably falling over and reverting back to human form in a howl – deliberately snapping it’s/Suetinicus’ neck as well. I suspect the entity had either run out of energy, moved too far from the summoning circle, or perhaps a combination of both…..

20th of Renewal, 1155 SC – I’m writing down my short presentation to the students here, so that I don’t forget the primary points. I wouldn’t even be doing this if that fool Telemachus hadn’t piped in at the Council…. “useful” observations about the incident on the 12th…. regardless of who is at fault. Note – dock Telemachus’ allowance, he keeps purchasing useless artifacts anyway, and I suspect they’re forged, as he couldn’t possibly afford a real….

The basic fundamentals of the Demonic and Abyssal Creatures and their relation to the Fel’Durr Foundation.

The Fel’Durrii, the creation gods of this Universe, saw fit at it’s birth to put in what we call Foundation Wards, divine imprints on the weave of reality that prevent certain extra-planar creatures from manifesting in physical form.

This ward seems especially keyed to certain types of planar-linked entities, as it does not prevent Elementals, Archons, or even Devils from entering our world at will. Specifically, the ward prevents any being who’s essence is… fabric of another plane from existing in this one as well – specifically Demons and Angels, who will simply return to their native extra-planar homes when their mortal form is destroyed on another plane. This ward is so powerful that even Gods cannot flout it – as you know, every Deity in Fel’Durr exists within the fabric of Fel’Durr’s reality itself, and can even form smaller versions of their own extra-planar homes within the firmament (known as “Sub-Planes”). In this way, Fel’Durr’s Gods are…. or “manifestations” of the Gods of other Planes, and while just as powerful, lack significant abilities to traverse…. multiverse without leaving Fel’Durr entirely.

The Goal of many wizards of our Moon is to work around these wards, to harness Demonic and Angelic entities for our own use, and in doing so control the near-limitless energies these being can prod-......

..... “

Document Ends.

Demons and Devils

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