Clamps is a warforged fighter and intern in Amon Enterprises.

Physical Description and Personality

Clamps is a warforged fighter and intern for Amon Enterprises, an adventuring company. He stands at 7’ 2" and weighs 25 stone (3 and 1/8 hundredweight). His left hand is a large set of gripping clamps, hence his name. He has a male personality. He is four years of age, and although warforged are mature adults upon creation, Clamps is naive and, in some cases, childlike. It is entirely possible there were errors during his creation. He is polite, does not use foul language if at all possible, and tries to be the best employee that Amon Enterprises has.

Clamps is fond of saying things like “I’m helping!”, “Skidoosh!”, and “Strike the earth!” It is unknown where he learned this last phrase, a traditional Dwarven motto used when an expedition departs to found a new fortress or delving. Again, this may be attributed to the possible errors during his creation.

He is a Competent Brawler, a Skilled Wrestler, a Skilled Swordsdwarf, and a Novice Cheese Maker.

Clamps within Amon Enterprises

Clamps is the Company Intern. He is afforded no voting rights. On the Amon Enterprises Role of Employees filed with the Graniteforge Business Authority, Clamps is classified as “41B – Miscellaneous Farm Equipment”, and company tax records show numerous deductions for upkeep of same.

To date, Clamps’ duties have been to carry Company assets, to make use of such assets as appropriate, and to take damage on the Company’s behalf. He aspired to one day be the executive assistant to the Company’s regal and distinguished Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Scratchy Claws, until that executive exited the corporation for undisclosed reasons.


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