Delve into Graniteforge Hall

The Story So Far

Thus far, the party have secured a base of operations from a motley group of hired hands and a Dragonborn warrior, and left it’s maintenance and defense in the hands of a sturdy tribe of honorable Orcs (after a “disagreement” with some elves…).

Following a harrowing sojourn through a scarab and undead-infested crypt, out intrepid adventurers have received aid from some of the hold’s previous (and postmortem) inhabitants, and fought their way through a kobold scouting party to reach the inner bowl of the mountain valley, somewhere within which is contained the entrance to the elusive Hold itself….

An imposing and foreign citadel inhabits the skies of the mountain valley, and all manner of beasts and Lizard minions infest it’s interior. After a brief but intense encounter with a local Ankheg family (during which the party’s healer was invited in for dinner…), a Lizardfolk patrol catches the party in the open, but in turn underestimates our hearty adventurers, to their own folly. With it’s fellows dead (and itself completely unwounded (ooc, how the hell?)), one of the monstrous mounts takes a new master even as it’s old one is ground underfoot… literally.

With the group retreating to the recently vacated Ankheg cavern to lick their wounds, who knows what will be in store for them as night falls over the valley floor?


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