The intern of the Adventuring Company, Clamps is eager to prove himself. He also has clamps.


Fighter [Brawler-style] Level 7

STR 19 DEX 14 CON 16
INT 11 WIS 12 CHA 10

HP 61 (Bloodied: 30; Surge Value: 15; 12 Surges/Day)

AC 23
Fort 22
Ref 17
Will 16

At-Will Exploits: Weapon Master’s Strike, Grappling Strike, Combat Challenge
Encounter Exploits: Takedown Attack, Slamming Rush, Hydra Charge, Warforged Resolve
Daily Exploits: Seize and Stab, Crushing Foot
Utility Exploits: Snagging Grip, Makeshift Shield


Clamps is a warforged fighter and intern for Amon Enterprises, an adventuring company. He stands at 7’ 2" and weighs 25 stone (3 and 1/8 hundredweight). His left hand is normally a large set of gripping clamps, hence his name, although most of his limbs are interchangeable due to his unique warforged construction. He has a male personality. He is four years of age, and although warforged are mature adults upon creation, Clamps is naive and, in some cases, childlike. It is entirely possible there were errors during his creation. He is polite, does not use foul language if at all possible, and tries to be the best employee that Amon Enterprises has.

He is a Competent Brawler, a Skilled Wrestler, a Skilled Swordsdwarf, and a Novice Cheese Maker.

Clamps is afforded no voting rights. To date, his duties have been to carry Company assets, to make use of such assets as appropriate, and to take damage on the Company’s behalf. He aspired to one day be the executive assistant to the Company’s regal and distinguished Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Scratchy Claws, until that executive’s exit from the Graniteforge branch. Since then, he has continued to develop his skills as Company Morale Officer (no such role exists) and Chief Intern (he is, to date, the company’s only intern).

Recently, Clamps has displayed growth in self-confidence and assertiveness, a worrying trend for his employers. He has also displayed a newfound affinity for spiritual concerns, as evidenced by [CONTENT REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT/OWNERSHIP CLAIMS BY AMON ENTERPRISES]. No one is quite sure where the sock came from, but no one is asking either, for obvious reasons.


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